HUNT, Pamela Holl (1945- ). Born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, Hunt studied at Atelier 17, Paris with Stanley William Hayter (1964-65); Académie Julian, Paris, with M. MacAvoy (1965-66); Hornsey College of Art, London, England (1966-68); with Jean Hornak (1968-71); Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium (1972-74); art history at the Musée Cinquantenaire, Brussels  (1974); Symphonic Composition and Applied Colour Theory, Vancouver Academy of Art, Vancouver, British Columbia with Michael Britton (1999). She immigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1952, moved to Ottawa, then moved to Paris, France. She returned to Vancouver in 1975 where she lives today. Working in oil, her earlier work was more abstract, using palette knife. Since 2000 she has commenced on a spiritual and creative search which has emanated in an extensive series of bold, colour-filled tree paintings that evoke images of both Emily Carr and Stanley Cosgrove. She signs her works 'Holl Hunt'.


Biography courtesy of The Collector's Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Auction: Volume IV: S-Z

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